Founded in 1979 by an entrepreneurial dream of Mister Augusto Colombo, Techno Plast soon became a healthy and strong industry in the manufacture of moulds for plastic articles.
During the 80's Augusto Colombo was able to recognize the turn to the country's economic growth; so, starting from a small shed (200 square meters with only an employee), with the increase in demand for products and services - and a mainly valuable clientele - entrepreneurial activity moved into a great building (2.500 square meters).
In the 90's economic development suffered a reversal of the trend and the manufacture of moulds for plastic articles went through a period of crisis, that led to the closure of many businesses. But Techno Plast was able to take advantage of this situation, adapting to the market demands, diversifying its production and starting to offer not only manufacture of moulds but also assembly, packaging and storage, in order to generate increasingly value added for its customers.
This "anti-crisis" recipe was successful insomuch as, in 1999, Techno Plast swanky returned in Gornate Olona - Biciccera hamlet -, the village from which it had started twenty years earlier, with a warehouse of 4000 square meters, specifically built to satisfy the market demands.
At the same time the Colombo family also opened, in 1999, Techno Mould, an engineering company for designing and manufacturing moulds. On investing in this sector, the Company completed the entire production process by creating products and turnkey services.

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